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NIJ Standard-0101.06


ISBI Certificate NIJ 0104.01
Twaron Microfilament
By utilizing “Twaron Microfilament Unidirectional Fibers”, our vests are more flexible, comfortable, and lighter than other vests constructed of Kevlar 129 and Spectra Shield LCR.
Additionally, our vests are thinner than those made from Spectra or Kevlar enabling them to be more easily concealed.
Our vests withstand high-temperature bacteriological sterilization since they are not affected by temperature.
All of our soft armor panels are sealed with a transparent vinyl that is sealed at high frequencies to protect it from exposure to the elements and ensure reliable protection for many years.
Special Vests
- The exterior carrier for the armored vests contains the following elements:
  • Magazine carrier
  • Holster
  • Pocket for radio or cell phone
  • Special design for left or right handed people
Ceramic plates

  We make 10 x 12 inch curved ceramic plates in three levels:

A. 5.56 & AK-47 4 lbs
B. NIJ III 7.62 Ball 5.9 lbs
C. NIJ IV 7.62 AP 7 lbs
These plates are to be used with vests levels II or IIIA. They can also be made as stand alone.
The attack side is made with 98% alumina ceramic.
The internal side is made with a TWARON or PET compound.
The whole plate is covered with elastomeric polyurethane

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