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We sell 3 sq meter Aramid sheets (1.40 X 2.20 mts).

Each ply weighs 550 grams per square meter and is 3,000 denier.

12 ply stand alone will protect from level IIIA (high speed 9mm).

Price is US $333 per square meter FOB Bogota.

In conjunction with car body steel, 9 ply protects from IIIA .

Price is US $250 FOB Bogota

Our eight piston hydraulic press is utilized to ensure even laminates.

We are manufacture our own ballistic glass.

We laminate high quality matererials such as Dyneema, Spectra, Famostone, and Kevlar.

In our glass factory we use Lexan, Lexguard, Heflin , PPG, plate , Butacite, Saflex,

For pillars and post we use Astralloy Steel, Tempco, and Heflin Steel cut with CNC Hypertherm plasma.

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