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NTC 5501
In order to determine the level of armor needed, the following characteristics of the projectile are considered:
1. Velocity: The higher speed, the greater penetration power.
2. Diameter: The smaller the diameter of projectile, the more penetration. (Damage) a 9mm will penetrate more than a .45
3. Density: The greater density of the projectile, the more penetration.
4. Shape:
The more cone-like shape of the projectile, the more penetration. A rifle round will penetrate more than a 9mm Ball. A ball round will penetrate more than a JHP or a wad cutter.
5. Weight: The heavier the projectile is, the more penetration.

Our satisfied clients range from civilians to government entities such as DAS, Congress, Indumil, Secretary Interior, Army, etc. All customer information is handled in the most strict, confidential manner.

LEVEL I. Antivandalism

Protects from vandals and blunt blows as with bricks, hammers, bats, etc.

(We do not offer this type of armor)

*Glass diameter: 7mm*

LEVEL II. Antitheft

Stops low power projectiles (.25,.32,.38).

(We do not offer this type of armor)

*Glass diameter: 16mm*


Our Level III (NIJ IIIA) armor is designed to withstand multiple 9mm submachine rounds.
The majority of the vehicles that we armor are at this level of protection.
*The total weight of the vehicle increases 500 pounds.


*Glass thickness: 18mm* 29kg/m2

Level B5+ Single Hit .308 (7.62 Nato)

This armor is designed to stop:

The Five-Seven pistol caliber 5.7X28mm.

Three AK-47 Kalashnikov 7.62X39 rounds travelling at 730 meters per second (soft core).

Three 5.56 Nato M193 and SS109 rounds travelling at 930 meters per second (soft or hard core).

B5*Glass thickness 29mm* 59kg/m2

If we slightly increase the thickness of the glass we can stop one 7.62 Nato Ball round travelling at 830 meters per second (M-80 soft core).

B5+*Glass thickness 37mm* 76kg/m2

The price for this level of armor for a typical SUV starts at US $40,000

Level IV (NIJ III & CEN B6+) Multi Hit .308 (7.62 Nato)
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Download Certificate HP White NIJ III Indumil NIJ III
Rifle (CEN B6). This level of armor is used when the threat level for rifle fire is high (rifle calibers 7.62 Ball M80 @ 830 meters per second and 5.56 SS109 and M193 called B6+). In addition, the roof and floor are usually armored with level IIIA. The total weight of the vehicle increases 1,900 lbs.
The 7.62 NATO and 5.56 NATO are difficult to stop with glass at this level because of the 7.62 NATO's weight and the 5.56 NATO's velocity (930 M/S).
Ammunition type: 5.56 NATO Ball penetrates metals far better than 7.62 NATO Ball (M-80) and type SS109 5.56 NATO "Green Tip" easily penetrates thin plastics such as Spectra, Famostone and Aristone.

All ballistic tests are conducted at a distance of 25 meters to allow the projectile to be stabilized.


Level IV is the commercial equivalent to level B6 CEN European Norm and NIJ III


Price for a typical SUV at this level begins at US $50,000

*Glass thickness: 41mm* 86kg/m2

This armor will defeat three 7.62 Nato Ball (M-80 at 830 meters per second) soft core.

Level V (NIJ IV & CEN B7)

Download Certificate HP White NIJ IV Indumil NIJ IVArauca

7.62 AP (M61 Round);
Armor piercing steel core

NIJ IV 30-06 AP

*Glass diamter: 52mm*

This armor will deafeat one 7.62 Nato M-61 round (850 meters per second) hard core.

Alumina Ceramic is installed in the doors


In order to stop the M993 tungsten round you need a glass diameter of 78mm

This armor also defeates three 7.62 Nato M-61 (830 meters per second) hard core.

Price for a typical SUV at this level is US $70,000

Level 10 UL 752 .50 BMG - .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun
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Here at ISBI Armoring, we are able to go one step ahead of other armoring companies and offer protection from the .50 BMG M33.

The .50 caliber round is 4.7 times heavier than the 7.62 Nato with about the same speed (2,750 fps).

This level also effectively protects from heavy fragments thrown by improvised explosive devices (IED's).

Currently the only standard for this round is the is UL 752 armor Level 10   (revised Dec. 21/2006)

The protection greatly exceeds CEN B7 or NIJ IV.

In order to protect from this round, we utilize our patented *Glass 80mm* curved glass.

The opaque is ballistic steel reinforced by German Twaron rubberized laminates.

Price for SUV at this level is US $80,000

Projectile Caliber :

.50 cal FMJ Military Ball

Cartridge Type:

709.5  grain FMJ

Velocity Range:

2,810 to 3,091 ft/sec.

Number of Shots:

1  shot

Target Range:

15 ft.

Sample Size:

12 x 12  in.

Witness Plate:

0.125 in. thick corrugated cardboard

Witness Plate Distance:

18 in.

Test Temperature:

72 F

Standard Document:

United States:   UL752 -Rev. December 21, 2006


Stanag 4569 Nato


small and medium calibre kinetic energy (KE) ballistic projectiles and fragment simulating penetrators (FSP)


BRV 2009

General basis for
ballistic material, construction and
product testing (VPAM

14 levels from .22 up to 14.5mm


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