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Indumil’s tests prove that our process adds the least weight to the vehicle when we armor it.
Suicide Door


Transparent Armor
Made with a combination of laminated glass, spall protection, air gap and laminated polycarbonate. It is the strongest, yet the lightest glass in the market.
Our patented system of an air chamber technology permits the passengers to shoot through the glass from inside of the vehicle (reaction glass).  The air chamber also allows the interior of the vehicle to be 50% cooler (less heat transferred) and quieter than the traditional laminated windows.
Our level III (NIJ IIIA) is 18mm thick (3/4 inch), weighs only 26 kgs. per sq.mt. (5.2 lbs/sq foot) and our level IV (B6) is 45 mm thick (2 inches), weighs only 85 kgs. per square meter (15 lbs/sq foot).
Opaque Armor
We use Silicon Carbide ceramic tiles (lighter option than steel) for rifle and light machine gun protection.  For hand guns we use TWARON or Kevlar (laminated at a super high pressure of 15 bares).
This pressure from our laminating press is twice as high as the pressure produced in autoclaves, thus the laminate is better, complying with European standards.  This material is not affected by temperature or humidity.

The posts (pillars) and crown are armored with steel.  This steel is cut with plasma (CNC) in order to achieve a perfect fit.  This procedure preserves its thermal properties.

Stopping .50 caliber BMG
(Browning Machine Gun) M-33


B6+ under 800 kilos Sedan $55,000 SUV $60,000 includes shipping.

Buy your vehicle in the US, fly it to Bogota for the uparmoring, Ships safely in a container to any place in the world.

Call us 57 310 225 2115 john@isbi.us

Armoring Procedures
Knowledgeable of your protection needs, ISBI complies with all the international standards.   Prior to being placed on the market, all of our products have been certified by US Testing Laboratory or Indumil, which are independent laboratories that test the armor at the maximum ammunition speed allowed by the norms (such as: US National Institute of Justice NIJ, European CEN, UL or Nato Stanag).

We do not use offset glass since these are very weak around the edges.  They can fail when attacked with sledge hammers or blast pressure (IEDs).  We manufacture our own glass with our patented air chamber formula.


To make sure that there are no ballistic gaps, we disassemble the original body to insert the ballistic steel.  All the door frames are widened with steel (to fit the thicker glass in place of the original).  This is not the fastest way, but it is the safest way.
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